This is right on time to help recoup and restore from the past couple of months of intensity and to help you to gain momentum and The good thing about these is the ability to change time zones to cater for all parts. A few flashing lights here, but loads of Indian horoscopes available.. Free Astrology is a newly launched astrology website which has daily, weekly and. Horoscopes - latimes.

Aacharya J. Sharma has been writing columns on different streams of astrology in the leading Indian newspapers like Hindustan Times, Indian Express and. Breaking News:. Looking for free daily horoscope, numerology and astrology online.. Dec 12, Weekly Horoscope December 10 to 16 iDiva. SATURN continues its transit through Capricorn in , which is a reality check for corporations, businesses, banks, governments and politicians.

Saturn rules karma, and many people who have taken short cuts or been dishonest in these areas will be caught out and face serious repercussions like investigations, Royal Commissions, fines, suspensions, sackings or even jail. Saturn also rules old age, so Saturn in Capricorn will lead to more respect for the wisdom of our elders.

And a long overdue restructuring of nursing homes, aged care facilities and end-of-life options.

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So expect a period of substantial growth in areas involving education, sport and travel. Like advances in online learning and digital publishing, more supersonic planes and high-speed trains, plus a boom in leisure activities like horse-racing and adventure tourism. Which could be an issue for adrenaline addicted Rams! If you are attached, do all you can to reboot a stale partnership or fix a frustrating problem.

January and February are particularly good months to tap into your entrepreneurial side and turn an abstract, innovative idea into a productive and lucrative project. But avoid gambling, real estate speculation and joint financial ventures in July and November, when retrograde Mercury scrambles your logic and confuses your business brain. But your professional life is in for some serious and transformative changes as you take on more responsibilities in your current position, accept a leadership role, start a new job or change careers.

With Jupiter jumping through your adventure zone, travel beckons — especially in January, February or March. You have to shine in your own way. Do you need a relationship rescue in ? February, May and June are fabulous months to flirt up a storm and circulate in style both in person and online when proactive Mars and charismatic Venus visit your sign.


Make sure you manage any windfall wisely, with a view to long-term financial security. Saturn, Pluto and four eclipses are activating your education zones. The more you challenge yourself mentally, the better. Attached Twins - you have much to learn from your spouse and the more you explore new horizons together, the better the partnership will be. Singles — you could discover your perfect match when travelling; be attracted to someone from another country or culture; find true love with a teacher; or a long-term platonic friendship could take a surprisingly romantic detour!

In the current economic climate, the more cautious and thrifty you are, the better your fiscal future will be. January is the best month to commit yourself to a rebooted budget.

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So is a fortunate year to start and promote a promising joint venture, especially with a business partner from another country or culture. But avoid making important career decisions in March, July and November, when Mercury your ruling planet reverses though your money and work zones. Instead, take the time to research, revise, rethink and recalibrate. Singles — you may have to date a few duds before you find your dream lover.

Attached Crabs — February is the prime month to plan a romantic weekend escape with your sweetheart, when Venus boosts your sensuality and lust for life. But things could come to a head in July, when the Lunar Eclipse shines an unforgiving light on a frustrating problem. In , good fortune manifests via your connection with a friend, colleague, employee or tenant. You could meet someone for the first time or go somewhere new where you experience a distinct feeling of deja-vu. The Saturn-Neptune connection stimulates your kind, caring and humanitarian side in January, June and November.

You could also go on a special holiday with your partner or start a hot romance with a sexy foreigner, as love and travel are connected.

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The popularity of these columns has, in turn, led to an increase in the number of astrology columnists and the visibility of their bylines. Some of them work with Tarot and playing cards, and even computers. What made them turn to stargazing?

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For Calcutta-based Kusum Bhandari, it was a simple challenge: she wanted to prove that the predictions in these columns were a whole lot of rubbish. But she soon converted, and today she is a self-confessed student of astrology and writes a column for the weekly Sunday magazine. She found the cards utterly familiar at first sight. That familiarity has been bearing fruit ever since. She now writes columns for various Indian dailies and magazines, apart from being the in-house astrologer at a five-star hotel in New Delhi, India.

Veenu Sandal, an Indian journalist who writes on waning traditions and lifestyles and has stayed many years in Bastar and other tribal areas, also writes astrology columns for The Asian Age. She was introduced to Tarot card reading by the gypsies on whom she was doing a story in They predicted that she would be reading cards one day, a prophecy that she promptly dismissed.

But the stars thought otherwise.

Like Sandal, Jagjit Uppal, Mumbai-based astrologer, predicted his own future at a very young age. An Indian Air Force cadet then, Uppal knew that the stars would bring him fame and fortune. Astrology has never faced extinction even in urban India. But these columns are breathing new life into its fortunes. Indeed this is so, as a new breed of high-flying, articulate columnists are making their presence felt. The most well-known of them is Bejan Daruwalla, author of many astrology books and a columnist for The Times of India. Daruwalla, who lives in Virginia, USA, has been rated as one of great astrologers and psychics in the last 1, years by The Millennium Book of Prophecy.

Daruwalla views astrology as an effective method for alternative healing and feels that one needs a strong intuition to predict the future.

The veritable windfall in the fortunes of astrology cannot simply be attributed to the supply side.