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The light of the candlle, magical scents and wishes only witches can understand will spark new desires in your heart. Dear Witches, The days are getting longer and easy winds of spring are following your ways. It's easy to get caught up in this tranquillity and lose your watchfulness.

Don't forget that exactly this moment is a perfect one for destructive minds of others to sneak into your world. Just don't be afraid — god Heimdal will protect your blooming days. Heimdall is a guard who sleeps less than an eagle do, he sees a hundred miles away and hears grass growing. SEO review

Incenses of Juniper berries, sandal and natural herbs will clean your home and will defend it from a "bad eye" and even energetic vampyre attacs. Use this shield to protect your home and your thoughts, greet spring with serenity and feel secure. Goddess Haga is looking forward for you to cleanse your life and to forget about the negative energy that makes your days bitter.

If you feel that bad wishes and swear words are trying to shake your world, it is time for a magical ritual to make it's work. Runes are here to help you, so dare to aks. The powers of Haga candle will banish jealousy, malice and anger from your home. The candle works like a magical brush which can cleanse your house, minds and protects you from dark spells.

Take your time. Let the evil burn down along with the light of the candle. Haga is so powerful, it can create immunity for you in the future too. Dear Witches, New week always brings new challenges and tasks you have to solve. This job-spiral catches you leaving so little time for yourself. Your mind and your feelings become mixed and scattered.

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It's time to forget all the obstacles and to relax - today try to find harmony with yourself and the world that surrounds you. Mimir - the god of wisdom - is here to help you to keep your mind straight and to get over any surprises tomorrow will bring. Vibrant smells of peppermint and eucalyptus will spread the powers of Mimir at your home. Try to listen to your inner voice that these powers will awaken in you. The voice can share some unexpected ideas you always tried to ignore. Be open to these thoughts and reflect on them wisely. Dear Witches, Can our routines feel comfortable?

Why do we always try to fill our days with material goods and so often ignore that inner voice reminding us that only changes and growth are the real treasures in life? The candle marked with number 15 in Major Arcana - The Devil - is the archetype of earthly pleasures and casual routine.

The Devil is a grim advocate of pessimism and cynism, but he leaves an option to choose for those who wish to do that. Magical rituals are very important when meeting The Devil - they help to cleanse your life and seek for freedom. But one must be determined and ready for changes. It won't be easy, but once you choose spiritual growth and not your desires, you will get stronger and free from the charms of The Devil. Find your own path.

Dear Witches, Do you feel how that special vibe of spring is trying to conquer last bursts of winter? Whole nature is preparing for a major recharge. Night and day are of equal length today and so Ostara - the great symbol of spring - comes. This celebration coincides with a Full Moon this year, and it's a great sign of big and positive changes.

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Since ancient times Ostara was a symbol of renewal, fertility and cleansing, and it was always celebrated by witches making magic and gathering around bonfires. It's a great day to let new fresh energy to your life. Little rituals and the light of the candle will help you to purify your minds and to sense what changes are the most important to you this spring. Prepare the soil for these changes and the powers of Ostara will bring you precious harvest.

Dear Witches, The fourth day of the Third Quarter Moon may bring doubts and desire to change your choices. Eir — the goddess of health, was one of the closest friends to Frigga, the wife of god Odin, so no less powerful and strong than these two gods. Trust her and try to gain as much of the power she brings as possible. This will help you to fight illness and protect from it in the future.

Gebo rune contains the power of gift which will help to harmonize your body and thoughts. Award yourself with health and strength Eir candle brings. Dear Witches, It is the second day of New Moon, and back in the days it was considered to be the perfect timing for women to make spells and predict their future or even meet a future lover in their dreams. This is a wonderful time for every lonely soul who is longing for love and desire.

Freya, the goddes of fertility, love and passion, can help everyone who is dreaming of a new romantic start in their life. Lots of gods and giants were seeking for Freya's love, but she chose the strongest, the most important one - god Odin - as her life partner. Every witch deserves such friend and lover.

Surrounded with the smell of these special incenses your dreams can become true - be confident and let new exciting love come to your life. Dear Witches, All the biggest achievements come to those who wait. The Hanged Man - a candle marked with number twelve in the Major Arcana - encodes the archetype of waiting, spiritual growth and readiness to face the changes. You might feel restless and willing to prove your own truths to others, but it is very important to stay strong and keep up with the initial plan of yours. In the times of major changes, tranquillity and peace of mind should conquer stubborn attempts to persuade and compete with others.

Ignor provocations, devote your time for the rituals of concentration.

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Can you see how the moments of longing are melting in the light of The Hanged Man? These moments are embraced with the smells of mint, green tea, opium and myrrh. Don't be afraid of the strorm that will come soon after this silence. It will bring breathtaking changes for those who know how to welcome them properly. Dear Witches, Taking care of your home, facing career challenges, comforting your loved ones in their hour of need - these are daily worries you can not escape.

And it is very easy to forget yourself - a self-confident and happy woman - in the middle of all the everyday rush. It is time to distract this routine and to awaken your feminine strength and charm. Iduna - the goddess of youth and immortality guarded the apple tree of eternal youth and she is a perfect companion on this journey. Inhale the aromas of agarwood, licorice and field herbs. The magic of these smells will refresh your body and beauty, self esteem will awaken your sexuality.

Be strong, youthful and free. Let your lovers feel the joy of these magical gifts. Dear Witches, The clash of winter darkness and the upcoming spring can make you feel exhausted.

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It is hard to stay focused or continue any work, and starting new projects might look like the biggest challenge too. These days are the beginning of First Quarter Moon though, and this phase can be very energetic. So don't miss a chance to make the best career choices and to make your work related dreams come true. God Thor is watching your back carefully, and he is believed to be in power of thunder, storms and fertility.

These forces are incredibly strong and won't settle down until some newness will be brought to your life. Use rituals and you will be prepared for the fights the forces might bring. Tiwaz, the main rune of the candle, will help you to win any competitive battles - be it a work or a personal thing. Spread the powers of Thor candle and feel the desire to succeed in your career again. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Mielos raganos! Malonaus skaitymo! Runes carved on these candles named after Freyr, Norse god of fertility and prosperity might help you to attract financial prosperity. We have made them today and we have enough of them for everyone. Keratin House Vilnius. Vilniaus Aukcionas.

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