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November 15, fun birthday facts no one tells you. Zodiac & Astrology Signs; The next time you can reuse your old calendar will be in

Invest in your own self-development.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

A winter-semester course or more customized sessions with a business coach, branding expert or specialist can do wonders. Scout out leads, dress up and go circulate! If you love where you work, spend the month nurturing connections with the office influencers. Ready to start or grow your own thing? Make sure anything you develop is scalable. With legacy-builder Saturn in your money house for the next few years, your ventures could organically evolve into something quite epic. With so much buzzing at work this week, Cupid could get shoved into a corner.

But your love jones cannot be suppressed this weekend, Sagittarius! This weekend, you want to feel sexy and desirable, full of fire sign sizzle. A little harmless flirting can be good for your erotic health as long as you know where to draw the line. Bat those synthetic mink lashes judiciously! Selective amnesia could strike under these free-wheeling skies.

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Log into your account. This is your chance to realign with an indivisible truth within and allow it to guide you. Be kind, honest, and give yourself permission to be happy. As Jupiter stations retrograde in your twelve house, pay attention to your dreams, your intuition, and a growing knowing. You have big ideas and dreams. We are only as sick as our secrets. It will require teamwork and a daily process of communication, but you can manifest a vision.

It starts with making healthier choices daily. Jupiter stations retrograde in your eleventh house of friends, community, social network, and fulfillment of wishes. All hope is far from lost. Just do your best to be honest. Jupiter stations retrograde in your tenth house of career, profession, ambition, and public image.

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  5. You may be having second thoughts about a goal you once felt sure about. If something is right, it will meet you down the road. But what do you want to be known for? What does an ambition mean to you?

    Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius, January 12222

    Rise above your insecurities and have more faith in yourself. Art by Ameya Ajay.

    Find her on Instagram. What you seek is within you. Aries Jupiter retrogrades in your ninth house, highlighting themes surrounding international travel, higher education, legal matters, philosophy, psychology, publishing, religion, and spirituality. Taurus Jupiter stations retrograde in your eight house, suggesting there are huge changes unfolding in a financial situation, sexual partnership, marriage, or something that feels larger than life. Gemini Jupiter entered your relationship zone late last year, opening the door to relationships that have the ability expand your world and be positive influences.

    Cancer Jupiter stations retrograde in your sixth house of work, selfless service, daily routines, and health—mental, emotional, physical, and most importantly spiritual. Leo As Jupiter moves retrograde in your fifth house over the next four months, this transit marks a phase of a deeper process of self-discovery and journey into your heart.

    Virgo Jupiter stations retrograde in your fourth house, drawing your attention to matter surrounding your home, family, and sense of security; offering a deeper understanding of the past. It may call on you to rediscover deeper reserves of faith. Trust—you are safe and protected.

    Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope and Tarot – Astrology King

    If in a long-term relationship, you re-inject some of these qualities into your love life. Be sure that you counteract your plentiful eating this week with some exercise too! You may be putting more into one than the other. The best astrologers in India can give your journey a direction, consult them on Astroyogi! Sagittarius daily career horoscope - 9 October Sagittarius monthly horoscope - October Read More.